8 Week Customized Training and Diet Plan

8 Week Customized Training and Diet Plan

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Double the results from my 4-week Customized Program for just $50 more! This customized program is great for clients interested in a program tailored to your current body, activity level, work/school schedule, gym availability (or lack thereof), and most importantly GOALS! You should expect to reach your individual goals and finally walk with the confidence you deserve!

Your customized 8-week Training and Diet plan offers:

-Full Assessment (i.e., current weight, measurements, activity level will be assessed via Video phone call)

-8 weeks of a downloadable fully customized program to your current body composition and goals

-Supplement Guidance

-Detailed and very easy to follow program

-A personalized diet plan with plenty of meal options and variety according to what foods you prefer

-Vegan, Vegetarian and Pescatarian options

-A variety of different effective workouts, all tailored and worked into your personal schedule

-Home or Gym workouts

-24/7 Email support for questions, concerns or motivation

-Free updates and revisions to your program if needed to ensure we continue to see results and reach your goals

-Open for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

-Real results if you're willing to put in the real work!

-Available Worldwide

Open to Males or Females! Everyone deserves to be in their best body!

Upon purchase you will receive my two-part consultation to the email provided during check-out. Please finish it and email it to me directly at breya@allmutualgains.com ASAP and I will have your program finished and ready for you to start in 3-7 days! Please include a before photo with the consultation and progress pictures at the 4 and 8 week marks. With your permission, I may feature your 4-week transformation on my Instagram @_breya_symone_!

Note: All Diet/Training programs are non-refundable.